The Tourism Trust project - Promote Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Tourism

Our Impact

Various project that could be undertaken are

Creating a new product line for visitors

Raising awareness amongst the locals and giving ideas of a new service

  • To explore newer locations with a possibility of tourism and promote the same.
  • To promote Eco-Tourism
  • Promote Responsible and Sustainable Tourism
  • To raise awareness about the degrading effects of the tourism industry on the environment and find solutions to bring about sustainable tourism

The above list is hardly a part of the important role that "Tourism Trust" will play in the multiplayer service industry of Tourism. This is where the idea of 'TOURISM TRUST' budded. The long felt need of a Charitable Trust in this sector has been long felt and it has remained without it till very recently. The services of Charitable Trust can play a huge role in diversification and moreover, it can also generate positive social, economic and environmental impacts. We aim to bring in unique projects and concepts and achieve growth of this industry in conjunction with the need to safeguard the society and the environment along with understanding the need of innovation and giving incentives for the same.

The various projects that Tourism Trust is looking to undertake are:

A project to Revolutionizing Tourism Industry by the Introduction of Welfare Tourism:

We at "Tourism Trust" take the plunge to change the service sector of Tours and Travels catering only to the upper class of the society by bringing in the involvement of all classes. Welfare Tourism has been long associated and now with the initiative of "Tourism Trust" is to be seen in a new light. We intend to start a project where the desire of traveling is fulfilled for all and everybody reaps the benefit of the growth of this industry. Also, the locals of the host country will be helped in benefitting from the expanse of this high-income service sector. The project will be termed as "Welfare Tourism: Project for All".

A project that waves towards Sustainable Tourism:

The world is shifting base towards saving the environment from the ongoing goals of developing better infrastructure and modernization due to the degrading effect that the human activities are having on the environment. We at "Tourism Trust" are aiming to start this wave where realization is high amongst the people and development is done without stealing the beauty of the environment. We intend to encourage tourism and raise a conscience amongst tourists to only go to places where sustainable tourism practices are being followed and the area around the picturesque destination is developed.

A project that realizes the need of Eco Tourism:

Eco Tourism has been broadly defined as tourism, which is ecologically sustainable. It is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education. We at "Tourism Trust" by the introduction of the Project "Road towards Eco Tourism' will aim to build the capacity of eco-tourism service providers with an emphasis on women and educated unemployed youth, to enable them to adopt environmental friendly responsible tourism practices that ensure sustainability of the tourism product in the long term. We intend to raise funds to deal with such issues and raise awareness.

A project that Encourages the desirous handicapped to travel:

This is also referred to as accessible tourism. This is basically making traveling possible for all irrespective of any disability. We at "Tourism Trust" believe that it is each person's right to freely move around and do their wish. Making it a bar on disabled tourists that they will not be able to do anything and considering the scope of traveling so low is not appreciated. What we intend through our organization is give out packages and make itineraries for the organization of special travels for the disabled. There are different ways to enjoy a location and does not necessarily require all our senses. We want to raise funds for surveying out literature on the experiences these disabled would like to undertake and what they desire. We also through our project will assist the tour operators in the organization of such travels.

A project that helps the meritorious and talented with their education:

Traveling for educational purposes has become very common. It is a fast driven industry and requires rewarding.

A project that helps in the Development of unexplored destinations:

There are many places in this world, which are beautiful, but no one knows about them. We at "Tourism Trust" will try to explore such new destinations and develop them. We also invite suggestions from the public at large to inform us of any such places, which needs development and are so beautiful for development and us to cater to. We will address all such suggestions and invest in the development of tourist activities at such places.

A project that helps in Cleaning Drive to improve tourism:

Our organization will also start with a project which involves cleaning of such touristy destinations which otherwise can lead to a lot of visitors if not for the dirt and garbage. Such beautiful rivers at so many places are dumped in the garbage. There are also not proper facilities at these destinations stopping the tourists from visiting. We take charge of the cleanliness of such places and make them visit worthy. We along with funds also require information regarding such places so that our job of surveying becomes easier.

Along with the above-listed projects, we intend to start many other ventures in which we would want full support and recognition from our stakeholders as well as the public. For contribution to the organization, Please contact for further clarification and assistance.